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Unique personal development and wellness retreats for women

Retreat Yourself retreats are different than other retreats. They’re unique because they’re not just yoga retreats, detox retreats or meditation retreats. They’re a perfect blend of personal development with workshops, wellness with exercise & nourishment AND great fun with a group of amazing like minded women who all want to reconnect with their true identity and take some time out to rest, rejuvenate, disconnect from the world, put themselves first for a change and let their hair down a bit!

They’re retreats for everyday women like you and us. Women who are spinning 27,000 plates – holding down a full time job or running her own business, managing a family and a home, putting everyone else’s needs before her own, close to burnout, surviving every day, not recognising the woman staring back at her in the mirror. Women who want to stop the ride and get off for a little while.

They don’t cost the earth. They’re not filled with ladies that lunch who’ve got too much time on their hands or are millionaire wives.

We take groups of up to 20 women to bucket list places for once in a lifetime experiences and we’d love you to experience one too…..

Equally, it’s not just a girly holiday either. It’s so much more than that. Wellbeing for women is at the heart of everything we do. We want you to be able to live the happy, fulfilling & successful life you deserve and whilst the retreat will be uber enjoyable, we want you to return home rejuvenated and set up for success to make the changes in your life that will allow you to have a sense of wellbeing all of the time. That’s why we combine personal development with physical activity and spending time surrounded by the right kind of women.

Yes, we do yoga, we meditate, we eat healthily, we workout but we also develop your confidence, assertiveness, personal style, hormonal health, pelvic floor, nutrition, money, wealth & finances, mindset, mental health and many more….

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Many of our retreat guests come back time after time on our retreats… they get the “Retreat Yourself Bug”. There’s a simple reason for this….. we create memorable and life changing moments. The perfect blend of great destinations, fab company, educational workshops, the time and space to think and nourishment for your mind & body. Don’t take our word for it! See what some of our previous guests have to say…..

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